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This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants No. 1205077 and No. 1700530. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


Conference Presentations

Slideshows and links to recordings of CTC presentations at the various conferences we attend will be available on this page.

CTC YouTube Channel

“Get Connected” overview handout
This flyer, a constant at every CTC conference booth, provides a quick overview of key CTC activities and initiatives. Updated summer 2022

2023 Conferences

Innovations - March 11-14, 2023 (Tempe AZ)
“High DEI Employer Engagement for Colleges, Divisions, Departments, and Programs”

“Best Practices and Hard Lessons from the Professional Development Trenches”

WASTC - January 5-6, 2023 (online)
“Best Practices for Developing and Hosting Successful PD Events” best_practices_for_developing_and_hosting_successful_pd_events.pdf

2022 Conferences

NCPN - October 20-22, 2022 (Atlanta, GA)
“Employer Strategies for Managing Successful Employer Councils” slides employer_strategies_for_managing_successful_employer_councils_ncpn.pdf

HITEC - July 25-28, 2022 (Salt Lake City, UT)
“Lessons from the Professional Development Trenches” slides lessons_from_the_professional_development_trenches.pdf
Sample “end of event” survey questions summer_wc_2022_end_of_event_survey_qs.pdf
Student poster “Cisco OSPF - Scaling Networks” hi-tec_2022_21_28_in_.pdf

hitec_2022_ctc_and_itss_flyer.pdf Summer Working Connections 2022
wc_2022_flyer_v3.pdf Summer Working Connections 2022 “Preparing to Teach the Internet of Things”

Summer Working Connections 2022 “Leadership Academy”

Innovations conference - February 28-March 3, 2022
“Developing a Culture of Employer Engagement at Your CTE Program” slides developing_a_culture_of_employer_engagement_innov_2022.pdf

WASTC WInter ICT conference - January 6-7, 2022
“Maximizing Employer Engagement with the Multi-Level BILT Model” slides

2021 Conferences

ATE Principal Investigators conference - Oct 20-22, 2021
National CTC 90-second video:
National CTC one-page handout:ate_connects_handout_ctc_2021.pdf NCPN pre-conference (online) - October 15, 2021
“Supporting High School to Community College Pathways with Employer Engagement”

HITEC conference (online) - July 21-22, 2021
“Common Barriers to Successfully Engaging Employers – and How to Overcome Them”

“Responsible AI: Challenges and Best Practices for Integrating Ethics in Your IT Program”
Panel video:
Case study handout: sig_agenda_case_studies_final.pdf

Student posters video:

Innovations conference (online) - March 1-4, 2021
“Maximizing Employer Relationships to Benefit Students and Strenghten Your Program” - Ann Beheler and Mark Dempsey

“Successfully Developing, Scaling, and Sustaining a Community of Practice” - Ann Beheler and Mark Dempsey successfully_developing_scaling_and_sustaining_cop.pdf

2020 Conferences

HITEC conference - July 29-30, 2020
“Successful Scaling: Strategies to Expand the Capacity and Impact of Your Program” - Ann Beheler and Mark Dempsey

Innovations conference - Mar 1-4, 2020
Sharing Know-How Developing and Growing a Community of Practice” - Ann Beheler, Mark Dempsey, and Richard Grotegut (Bay Area Community College Consortium)

WASTC Winter ICT Educators conference - Jan 6-7, 2020
“Introducing a New Toolkit to Help Engage Employers and Make Graduates Workforce Ready” - Ann Beheler and Mercedes Adams (NetApp)
introducing_a_new_toolkit_to_help_engage_employers.pdf “The Impending Revolution in Data Science for the Workforce of Tomorrow” - Aaron Burciaga (Data Prime)

2019 Conferences

NCPN conference - October 11-13, 2019
“Engaging with Employers and Getting Students Workforce Ready” - Mark Dempsey
engaging_with_employers_and_getting_students_workforce_ready_-_ncpn_2019.pdf HITEC conference - July 23-25, 2019
“Teaching Internet of Things Concepts with the Raspberry Pi” - Bill Saichek (Orange Coast College) and Brian Nelson (Lansing Community College)

“Maximizing Business Engagement to Support Your Students” - Ann Beheler
hitec_bilt_presentation_2019.pdf “DevSecOps = DevOps + Secure Coding” - Rajiv Malkan and Bruce Caraway (Lone Star College)
hitec_stlouis_2019_devsecops_malkan_caraway.pdf “New IT/Security Virtual Lab and Internet of Things Showcase” pre-conference workshop - Bill Saichek (Orange Coast College)
LAB - Microcontroller Practicum Using Home Assistant

HITEC conference, IT Networking meeting (July 23) - “Lightning Round” presentations
Debasis Bhattacharya, Maui College – Teaching Cyber Across Disciplines

Rafat Elsharef, Milwaukee Area Tech - IT Program Overview

Israel Emmanuel, Century College - Current State of Security

JB Groves, Wharton County JC – Palo Alto Cyber Academy

Innovations conference - Feb 24-27, 2019
“Group Sharing, Networking, and Problem Solving through Communities of Practice” - Ann Beheler, Mark Dempsey group_sharing_networking_and_problem_solving_through_communities_of_practice.pdf “The BILT Gets Business and Faculty Working Towards Student Success” - Ann Beheler, Mark Dempsey the_bilt_gets_business_and_faculty_working_towards_student_success.pdf

WASTC Winter ICT Educators conference - Jan 3-4, 2019
“How Innovative Programs Can Allow Students Opportunities to Continue Past the AAS” - Ann Beheler, Suzanne Ames (Lake Washington Institute of Technology), David Keathly (University of North Texas) wastc_-_continue_past_aas.pdf

“Six Ways to Maximize Your Program’s Relationship with Business and Industry” - Ann Beheler, Mark Dempsey, Mercedes Adams (NetApp) wastc_-_six_ways_bilt.pdf

“Updating National IT Industry Skill Standards and How Faculty and Employers Can Get Involved” - Ann Beheler wastc_-_itss.pdf “e-Portfolios and Linkedn” - Louise Kowalski (SUNY Eire Community College) eportfolios_and_linkedin_wastc.pdf “Classroom Strategies for Teaching Employability Skills” - Susan Randall (Cleveland Community College) classroom_strategies_for_teaching_employability_skills_cleveland_cc.pdf

2018 Conferences

ATE Principal Investigators conference - Oct 24-26, 2018
“Building and Deepening Employer Engagement” panel - Ann Beheler, Tu Huynh (Comerica Bank), Hope Cotner (CORD), Glenn Wintrich (Interlink), James Gunenther (Delgado Community College), Kevin Simpson (Automimmune Technologies)

NCPN - Oct 11-12, 2018
“Long Term Employer Engagement” workshop - Ann Beheler, Richard Hinckley (CORD) ncpn_2018_long_term_employer_engagement.pdf “Actively Engaging Employers Boosts Recruitment and Gives Students the Skills That Get Them Hired” panel - Ann Beheler, Matt Glover (Le-Vel), David Dinkins (Forsythe Technical Community College), Shawn Meck (Progress Rail - Forsythe's BILT)

HI-TEC - July 25-26, 2018
“Successful Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Underserved Students and Proving the Strategies Work” - Mark Dempsey and Ann Beheler, Laura Berry (North Arkansas College), Chenchutta Jackson (Volunteer State Community College)

Summer Working Connections (Texas) - July 16-20, 2018
“Preparing to Teach the Internet of Things” classroom pod layout
iot_classroom_pod_layout_aug_2018.pdf “Preparing to Teach the Internet of Things” thermostat wiring diagram
iot_thermostat_wiring_diagram.pdf “Preparing to Teach the Internet of Things” classroom hardware list

Summer Working Connections (Texas) - July 16-20, 2018

“Google IT Support Professional Certificate,” Ann Beheler
wc_lunch_talk_7-16-18_-_google.pdf “Mobile Go Center,” Raul Martinez Jr and Liz Howard - Collin College
11805-18pb_mobile_go_center_info_flyer_v2-ver2.pdf “The Value of Certifications,” Mercedes Adams - NetApp
swc-2018-netapp-certifications-lunchkeynote-distribution.pdf “Cybersecurity Academy Program & Application Framework Introduction,” Jim Boardman - Palo Alto

Innovations - March 18-21, 2018
“Steps to Get Business and Faculty Working Together” - Mark Dempsey and Ann Beheler
steps_to_get_business_and_faculty_working_towards_student_success.pdf “Communities of Practice: Successful Sharing, Networking, and Problem Solving” - Mark Dempsey and Ann Beheler

WASTC Winter ICT Educators - January 4-5, 2018
“The Latest Business-Led Curriculum for IT and Communications with Cyber Infusion” - Mark Dempsey and Mercedes Adams (NetApp)

2017 Conferences

NCPN - October 26-27, 2017
“Tools and Strategies for Preparing Students for High-Demand Jobs through Business Leadership” - Ann Beheler and Mark Dempsey; Matt Glover, Le-Vel
bilt_presentation_ncpn_2017.pdf “BAIT - IT Bachelors in Partnership with Community Colleges” - Ann Beheler for David Keathly (University of North Texas)

HI-TEC - July 19-20, 2017
“New Free Virtual Labs in IT Security” - Ann Beheler; Ernie Friend, Florida State College Jacksonville; Bill Saichek, Orange Coast College
hitec_virtual_lab_workshops_2017.pdf Microsoft labs:
ms_70_411_administering_windows_lab_6_file_server.pdf Internet of Things presentation
teaching_the_internet_of_things_through_device_integration.pdf Internet of Things handouts
writing_your_smart_app.pdf “Using Business Feedback to Align Curriculum and Stay on the Cutting Edge” - Ann Beheler; Mercedes Adams, NetApp; Matt Glover, Le-Vel; Tu Huynh, Comerica Bank
hi-tec_business_presentation_bilt_-_2017.pdf “Take the BAIT: Completing a Bachelor's IT Degree at Your Community College” - David Keathly, UNT
2017baithitec.pdf “Integrating Data Visualization and Communication Tools in the Curriculum” - Rajiv Malkan and Bruce Caraway, Lone Star College
hi-tec17-data-vis-and-comm.pdf “Teaching the Internet of Things Just Got Far More Interesting” - Bill Saichek, Orange Coast College; Brian Nelson; Lansing Community College
iot_lab_logical_diagram.pdf “Helpful Tools and Strategies for Managing Grants and Other Projects” - ATE panel

Summer Working Connections (Texas) - July 10-14, 2017

“An Overview of Serverless Architecture,” Cope Crisson - College College
serverless_architecture_rev_c.pdf “Beyond Digital Disruption,” Tom Boehmer - Juniper Networks
digital_cohesion_working_connections_2017_-_collin_college.pdf “Data Driven: Storage in a Hybrid Cloud World,” Mercedes Adams - NetApp
swc-datadriven-july122017.pdf “Big Data: Closing the Skills Gap,” Rajiv Malkan - Lone Star College

Summer Working Connections (Texas) July 10-14, 2017
“Leadership Academy” track workbook

Description: Do you need to improve your relationship with local business and industry leaders, strengthen your curriculum, develop new classroom models to better engage and retain students, communicate more effectively with colleagues, and support your work with strategic thinking? And do you need to do all of this with little to no budget money, a huge work load, and a small support staff? You’ve come to the right place! Find the answers you and your students need as Working Connections’ “Leadership Academy” helps you develop skills and strategies to take your program to the next level. Learn more about yourself, meet your peers, and hear best practices. Work in groups, use role-playing and workbook activities, master new strategies. Discover essential resources and tools. This material is not just for IT instructors and administrators. These processes can work across all technical disciplines and beyond. la_workbook_1_of_4.pdf

Innovations - March 12-15, 2017
“Group Know-How: Harnessing Communities of Practice” Mark Dempsey

Diversity Summit - February 9-10, 2017
“PEER & WISE” Serita Acker, Clemson University
Video of Presentation “Tools for Recruiting & Retaining Diverse Students in IT” Beth Quinn, NCWIT
8_quinn_ncwit_collins_diversity_summitrev_read-only.pdf “Increasing Diversity in Your Programs” Pam Silvers, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
Video of Presentation “Preparing for the Data-Driven (Diverse) Digital Future” Mercedes Adams, NetApp University
Video of Presentation “Successful Messaging” Laura Nicholas, Senior Communications Advisor IBM
Video of Presentation “Development of an Outreach, Recruiting and Retention Program Through Partnerships” Andres Diaz, Puerto Rico Photonics Institute

2016 Conferences

STEMtech - November 5-8, 2016
“Best Practices to Maximize Your Business Relationships and Benefit Students” Ann Beheler
stemtech_2016_bilt_business_presentation_.pdf “The Essentials of Building a Successful Community of Practice” Ann Beheler

“Leadership Academy: Best Practices and Essential Tools for Faculty” Ann Beheler

NCPN - October 5-7, 2016
“Maximizing Your Relationships with Business: Five Ways They Can Help You” Ann Beheler, Glenn Wintrick (retired, Dell)

HI-TEC - July 27-28, 2016
“Experience Hands-On Virtual Labs in IT/Security and Learn About Free Curriculum and Labs” Ann Beheler, Ernie Friend, Doug Moore, Bill Saichek
iot_workshop_-_surveillance_virtual.pdf “How to Know for SURE What Businesses Want Your Grads to Know” Ann Beheler, Matt Glover (Le-Vel)
how_to_know_for_sure_-_hitec_2016.pdf “Is Teaching the Internet of Things in Your Future?” Bill Saichek, Brian Nelson
iot_workshop_-_ip_termostat.pdf “Using Best Practices in Social Media to Increase Your Program's Student Enrollment” Ann Beheler, Joe Ippolito, Gordon Snyder
using-best-practices-in-social-media_ppt.pdf This “Planning Guide” can be used to develop a social media strategy for your school or organization.
best_practice_social_media_planning_guide.pdf This numbered STEP (Social Technology Enabled Professional) rubrics provide concrete examples of what the work activities expected of a STEP “look like” when performed at four different levels of proficiency. They offer a framework for assessing performance of social media skills

Summer Working Connections (Texas) - July 11-15, 2016
“Smart Cities POV” Glenn Wintrich
View Presentation “Living in the Clouds: Hyper-Velocity Transformation” Matt Glover
View Presentation “ICT-The Achilles Heel of Commercial Construction” Bill Morgan
View Presentation “Planning for Articulation” Christopher Kadlec and David Keathly

Innovations - March 20-23, 2016
“IT Virtual Labs: Win-Win for Students and Colleges,” Ann Beheler, John Sands and Bill Wolfe (Moraine Valley Community College)
innovations_2016_it_virtual_labs.pdf “Leveraging Grant Funding for Student Benefit in Information Technology,” Ann Beheler, John Sands (Moraine Valley Community College)
innovations_2016_leveraging_grant_funding.pdf “Sustainability Planning from Proposal Through Implementation to Post-Grant,” Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan
innovations_2016_sustainability_planning.pdf “Identifying Skills Required by BUsinesses Successfully Leads to Student Hiring,” Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan

2015 Conferences

STEMtech - November 2015
“Tight Engagement with Business Produces Successful Graduates,” Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan
stemtech_2015_bilt.pdf “Proven Best Practices for the Taking,” (CCTA presentation) Ann Beheler, Marilyn Barger (FLATE), Mike Lesiecki (MATEC)
stemtech_2015_ccta.pdf “Leveraging Evidence-Based Retention Strategy for Long-Term Success,” Ann Beheler

NCPN - October 2015
“Business Model Helps Graudates Secure Jobs,” Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan, Matt Glover (Le-Vel LLC)

Summer Working Connections 2015 (Texas) - Lunch Presentations
“Is Teaching the Internet of Things in Your Future?” Bill Saichek (Orange Coast College)
saichek_-_is_teaching_the_internet_of_things_in_your_future.pdf “An Overview of Simulations and Gamification in the Workplace,” Jay Long (G2G3)
long_-_collin_faculty_presentation.pdf “Preparing Your Students for the Next Wave of IT Transformation,” Mark Conway (NetApp)

MPICT Winter Conference - January 5-6, 2015
“Virtual Internships, an Alternative to Traditional Internships,” Ann Beheler

2014 Conferences

STEMtech - November 9-12, 2014
“Identifying Skills Required by Businesses Successfully Leads to Student Hiring,” Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan
stemtech_bilt_2014.pdf “Students Can Beef Up Portfolios with Virtual Internships,” Ann Beheler
stemtech_2014_virtual_internship_portfolio.pdf “The Hiring Process: A Student and Employer's View,” Ann Beheler

Technology Forum Cloud Summit (NTXCC) - November 7, 2014
“Teaching Cloud Computing Concepts,” Bill Saichek (Orang Coast College)
teaching_cloud_computing_concepts.pdf “Easing the Rocky Road to an IT Bachelors Degree,” David Keathly (University of North Texas)
tcctf2014.pdf “Cloud Comparison,” Eliazar Martinez (El Centro)
comparisons_of_cloud_platforms_v1.pdf “Business Partnerships Promote Student Success,” Ann Beheler

ATE Principal Investigators conference - October 22-24, 2014
“Approaches for Effective Industry Engagement,” Helen Sullivan
ate_2014_bilt.pdf Handout: Creating and Maintaining an Actively Involved BILT

NCPN - October 12-14, 2014
“Businesses Should Lead, NOT JUST ADVISE, Workforce Programs!” Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan

HI-TEC - July 21-24, 2014
“Teaching Cloud Computing Concepts,” Bill Saichek (Orange Coast College)
teaching_cloud_computing_concepts_hi-tech_2014.pdf Pre-conference Workshop - VDI in a Box

Summer Working Connections (Texas) - July 2014
Lunch keynotes

Brett McCormick presentation
mccormick_summer_wc.pdf “What We Don't Always Teach - IT Architecture and Design,” Brian Kirsch (Milwaukee Area Technical)
kirsch_workingconnections_rev_read-only.pdf “Retaliatory Hacking: Risking Business or Legitimate Corporate Security?” Sean Harrington (Century College)
harrington_retaliatoryhacking_compatibility_mode.pdf “Business Engagement Benefits Students and Colleges,” Ann Beheler

AACC - April 5-8, 2014
“Increase Your Completion Rate Using Stackable Certificates,” Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan, Deboran Boisvert (BATEC)

2013 Conferences

MPICT Winter Conference - January 3-4, 2013
“Benefits of Having Business Own Your Programs,” Ann Beheler and Mark Dempey

HI-TEC - July 22-25, 2013
“Is Teaching Wireless Networking in Your Future?” Bill Saichek (Orange Coast College) and Karl Dietrich (Lansing Community College)

NCPN - October 13-14, 2013
“Business Engagement: Key Component in Launching New Programs,” Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan

STEMtech - October 27-30, 2013
“From Soup to Nuts: Business Engagement to Benefit Students,” Ann Beheler and Tu Huynh (Comerica Bank)

2012 Conferences

Winter Working Connections - December 16-18, 2012

“The Academic Alliance,” NIc Xenos (Juniper Academy)
juniper_academic_alliance-_wwcconference_released_deck.pdf “What is ITIL?” Tim Maxwell
what_is_itil_2_-_tim_lunch_handout_for_wiki.pdf “Working with Virtual Labs,” Julie Hietschold (Collin College)

Technology Forum Cloud Summit - November 16, 2012
Are You Ready to Teach IPv6?,“ Bill Saichek (Orange Coast College) and Karl Dietrich (Lansing Community College)
techforum2012presentation-are_you_ready_to_teach_ipv6.pdf “Cloud and Emerging Convergence Training Strategies,” Ann Beheler
techforum2012presentation-cloud_and_emerging_convergence_training_strategies.pdf “Labor Market Intelligence: Why Should You Care?” Deborah Boisvert (BATEC)
techforum2012presentation-labor_market_intelligence_-_why_should_you_care.pdf “Working with Virtual Labs,” Julie Hietschold (Collin College)

STEMtech - October 28-31, 2012
“Meeting Workforce Needs Through Business Leadership, Not Advice,” Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan, Deborah Boisvert (BATEC), Gordon Snyder (ICT Center)

NCPN - October 17-19, 2012
“Meeting Workforce Needs Through Business Leadership, Not Advising,” Ann Beheler

HI-TEC - July 23-26, 2012
“Cisco Professional Configuration,” Joshua Garrett (El Centro student poster)
hi-tec2012presentation-student_poster_-_cisco.pdf “EECT 1371 VoIP Final Project,” poster

Innovations - March 4-7, 2012
“Enhancing Your Personal Learning Through a Mentor/PeerNetwork While Growing a New Program,” Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan

2011 and Earlier Conferences

STEMtech - Oct 2-5, 2011
“Business Engagement Leads to Workforce Success,” Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan

HI-TEC - July 2011
“Teaching Interoperability in a Green IT Environment,” Bill Saichek (Orange Coast College) and Pete Brierley (Collin College)
hi-tecpresentation2011-configuring_a_green_it_curriculum.pdf “VoIP Linksys,” Ernie Friend (Florida State College Jacksonville)

Innovations - Feb 27-Mar 2, 2011
“Engaging Business to Build Accountable Workforce Programs,” Ann Beheler and Helen Sullivan


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