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This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants No. 1205077 and No. 1700530. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


Business and Industry Leadership Team (BILT) Resources

BILT Summit - May 8-9, 2023

Event page
Travel reimbursement request form bilt_summit_travel_reimb_request.pdf
Per diem worksheet bilt_summit_per_diem.pdf

Student Portfolio Pilot Summary

The National CTC led a 2019-2021 pilot program to determine whether applicants that go into a job interview with an e-portfolio of their work stand a better chance of getting hired than those without an e-portfolio. Eight colleges participated, teaching the same content across multiple classes. Faculty and students were surveyed following the terms and student employment trends were tracked longitudinally.

Results suggest that most faculty and students found this content valuable, easy to implement as course modules, and helpful in boosting student confidence in their work. Further, students who received this content did get hired into IT jobs more often than students from the “control” group who did not receive the content.

Summary Report student_portfolio_pilot_summary_spring_2019-fall_2021.pdf

Current KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) List

This spreadsheet is a general overview list of the major knowledge, skills and abilities that should be covered in a convergence program. Updated August 2022.

“Understanding the KSA Worksheet” video

Download directions for accessing a “pre-packaged” version of the August 2021 KSA list as a linked Google Form and Google Sheet. See below for more information on this.
Video (8 minutes):
Document: download_the_packaged_updated_ksa_list_-_su22.pdf


“BILT Basics” webinar
Apr 2018, 60 minutes -
Slides: bilt_webinar_4-13-18_final.pdf

“Your Annual Job Skills Validation Vote” webinar
Sept 2019, 10 minutes -
Slides: your_annual_job_skills_validation_vote.pdf

“Setting Up Google Form and Spreadsheet for KSA Voting” webinar
Using free Google tools to set up a voting form to move your BILT KSA vote online, eliminating the need to do hand-counting of the votes during the meeting. The resources below discuss this process “from scratch.”
Video (May 2021), 14 minutes:
Handout (May 2021): setting_up_google_form_and_spreadsheet_for_ksa_voting_june_2021_rev.pdf

These two resources explain the process if you already have an existing Google Form survey with KSA questions:
Video (May 2021), 8 minutes:
Handout (May 2021): how_to_download_the_packaged_updated_ksa_list_rev.pdf

“Common Barriers to Successfully Engaging Employers – and How to Overcome Them” video
Summer 2021, 25 min -

“Seven Essentials of the BILT model” video
Spring 2020, 4 minutes -

Graphic Elements

BILT logo


Table: BILT vs Business Advisory Council

For editable versions, email

Table: KSA rankings explanation
For editable version, email

Chart: Seven essentials of a successful BILT
For editable version, email

What is a BILT? handout
what_is_a_bilt_feb_2021_blank_logo.pdf (CTC logo removed - you can insert your school logo in that field)
For editable version, email

“Inside Look” tri-fold brochure
This handout offers a quick overview of some of the key elements and strategies of the BILT model. A good way to quickly understand the essential concepts. This color flyer is designed to be printed front-and-back, then folded into thirds. Updated November 2018.

“You Only Have a BILT If Your Employers…” one-page infographic
This flyer offers a list of the best practices a “true BILT” must follow. Developed November 2020.


“Implementing the BILT Model of Business Engagement” BILT Toolkit
Revised January 2022. In conjunction with the Center for Occupational Research and Development (CORD) and Advancing Credentials Through Career Pathways, the National CTC recently helped develop a special 12-page “toolkit” designed to thoroughly explain the Business and Industry Leadership Team (BILT) process so that educational institutions can more easily implement the model. Active, regular engagement with business and industry experts is essential to make sure program curriculum aligns with workforce needs.

Orientation meeting resources -The orientation meeting introduces the BILT concept in a low-stakes setting to key employers. Attendees can better understand the BILT model and decide whether they’re interested and able to participate going forward.
Slide deck template - orientation_slide_template_-_jan_2022.pptx
Invitation script and tips - orientation_script_template_and_tips_-_jan_2022.pdf

KSA vote meeting resources - Once a year, the BILT will prioritize - via a structured voting process - entry-level job skills to help faculty keep curriculum aligned to workforce needs.
Slide deck template - ksa_slide_template_-_jan_2022.pptx
Invitation script and tips - ksa_invitation_template_and_tips_-_jan_2022.pdf

“Welcome to the BILT” presentation slides
These slides provide an overview of the BILT model as presented by Ann Beheler to faculty and administrators at the University of North Texas in April 2020.
(Recording link

BILT Meeting Checklist

“Crosswalk” KSAs to Curriculum
This excerpt provides some details on how to use KSA rankings from your BILT to develop curriculum. Please note in particular the last page of the PDF, which has specific step-by-step crosswalk instructions and questions to consider.

Inviting and Recruiting a BILT
A sample of a more formal invitation that can be attached to e-mails.

To use when recruiting/inviting new members to join your BILT, a sample phone script (including what you need to know about your program and the BILT prospect's business before you pick up the phone) and a sample letter/email template.

“CIO Dinners”
Polk State strengthens its relationship with business and industry leaders by hosting regular “CIO dinners.” This overview of the process was recently provided by Polk State.

“Effective Approaches for Aligning Curriculum with Business Demand” webinar
This 60-minute webinar provides an overview of the CTC's unique BILT approach and the KSA process. This webinar was sponsored by the Centers Collaborative for Technical Assistance.

Business Term vs. Academic Term Matching Word Bank
This word-matching worksheet can be a fun tool to use in a discussion of the differences between academic and business culture. Understanding that difference can be important when working with a BILT.
Worksheet: matching_word_bank_-_biz_vs_academic.docx
Answer Key: matching_word_bank_-_biz_vs_academic_answer_key.pdf

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