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 Wake Technical Community College <font 11px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​NORTH CAROLINA</​font>​\\ Wake Technical Community College <font 11px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​NORTH CAROLINA</​font>​\\
 Waukesha County Technical College <font 11px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​WISCONSIN</​font>​\\ Waukesha County Technical College <font 11px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​WISCONSIN</​font>​\\
 +West Virginia University Institute of Technology <font 11px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​WEST VIRGINIA</​font>​\\
 Wharton County Junior College <font 11px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​TEXAS</​font>​\\ Wharton County Junior College <font 11px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​TEXAS</​font>​\\
 Wiregrass Georgia Technical College <font 11px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​GEORGIA</​font>​\\ Wiregrass Georgia Technical College <font 11px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​GEORGIA</​font>​\\
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 ===== CCN Directory ===== ===== CCN Directory =====
-This list includes contact information for prime faculty at CCN member schools. Updated ​October 2018.\\ +This list includes contact information for prime faculty at CCN member schools. Updated ​April 2019.\\ 
-{{:ccn_directory_oct_2018.pdf|ccn_directory_oct_2018.pdf}}+{{ :ccn_directory_may_2019.pdf |}}
 ===== Join the CCN ===== ===== Join the CCN =====
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